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How do you reduce or eliminate corruption?

Randviscracy is a system of government which prevents corruption by using randomly selected panels for decision making. These panels are temporary so there is not the problem of career politicians, aka professional bribe takers.

The panels are selected randomly from a pool of experts so that there is not the problem of people making decision about subjects which they have no knowledge of.

This system prevents the ever-present problem of conflict of interest by those who hold power.

Read the book, “Randviscracy: Ending the Corruption in Government” and become a supporting member to help us end this problem which has plagued mankind for millennia.

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The Book

Much more than just a new government system, it is an entire plan to restore Western Civilization back to the path of greatness. You’ll learn how current governments and societies have been subverted through corruption and how to end it forever. This system of government takes control back from those who bribe and blackmail politicians and puts in back in the hands of the people by removing malincentives and conflicts of interests.

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Free Report

This free report goes over regulatory capture and how the deep state operates. Then it introduces the principals of IQ-based sortition, aka Randviscracy, a plan to disable the deep state corruption system forever.

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Planting seeds for the future

My goal is to spread awareness of the benefits that Randviscracy offers so that the same mistakes are not made again when it is time to form a new government. Soon. Visit the support page to learn how to support Randviscracy.