Policies and Constitution

Here is a list of proposed policies of Randviscracy. Titles in blue have pages dedicated to them, click to learn more. Many of the basic tenants are covered in the free report “Disable the Deep State Forever“. 4 through 26 are taken from the constitution proposed in the Randviscracy: Ending the Corruption in Government book.

  1. Randomly selected panels for most government decisions. Selection weighted by IQ and experience.
  2. Social Security for the disabled and elderly
    1. Goes over how the program would double the average social security payment.
  3. $25k child subsidy
    1. A program to promote high IQ child birth.
    2. This page also goes over the sources of tax funding for the program.
  4. All Americans of European descent(minimum 3/4 European ancestry) form a new government as the natural right of self-determination.
  5. A re-evaluation of all foreign relations and treaties, to be renegotiated on the basis of what is good for the interest of our people. All foreign aid to be ended and only renegotiated on an emergency basis, with majority approval of the new government. All treaties/agreements/contracts with foreign governments must be reciprocal and tested for reciprocity on an annual basis by a random panel.
  6. The continued ownership of all land currently held by the United States and the right to annex land with approval of the people on foreign land by vote or by hostile acts. This also includes the creation of a confederacy of any country or land in which European people live and are ruled by non-european leadership or leadership which is working for non-european people’s interests. This includes any country under Freemasonic/Judaic control.
  7. Citizenship is limited to only those of a minimum 3/4 European ancestry. Hostile religious or fraternal group membership disqualifies citizenship status. Low level (blue lodge) masons who have not been involved in subversive or hostile activity are exempted upon renunciation and the order disbanded.
  8. Guests. Non-citizens only have guest status. Guests have protection from crimes of predation but cannot be on government panels, own land or own critical infrastructure. Work visas can be issued only for employment which is unable to be fulfilled by citizens. Work visas and temporary visas for investors are never issued on a permanent basis but rather 1 to 5 year terms. Guest workers pay into the welfare and retirement systems, even though they are ineligible, this is to bolster the funding of these systems as a kind of foreign worker tax. Tourists must have a sponsor who is personally responsible for the tourist not overstaying. To prevent illegal immigration a ID or passport is required for all housing, medical services, vehicle rentals and all government services.
  9. Government employment can only be held by citizens. Only citizens can serve on juries and government panels.
  10. Critical industries, including: media, energy sector, information technology, communication systems and military technology can only be owned by and staffed by citizens.
  11. Immigration is limited to only those who qualify for citizenship and are of good moral character, excluding felons. Known collaborators with anti-American or anti-European elements are excluded from potential immigration. Immigrants must be self-sufficient (ineligible for aid from the government) and have a citizen or institutional sponsor who is liable for their support if they are unable to or if they incur a public debt.
  12. Exceptions for allies. People whose ethnicity disqualifies eligibility for citizenship but who have demonstrated through their actions to be allies qualify for lifetime residency status. They also qualify for 2x compensation for all property for themselves and their immediate family if they choose to relocate. In the case of a large number of allies, (over a million) an independent state can be negotiated.
  13. All citizens shall enjoy equal rights, duties and protection under the law.
  14. Anti-treason statute. Any citizen receiving monetary or other compensation from a foreign or hostile entity and whose actions are against the interests of the public good forfeits their citizenship and if damages can be proven are liable for damages incurred. A random panel will decide guilt and punishment up to banishment or death.
  15. Anti-corruption statute. Any governmental official or member of a government panel who receives outside compensation to influence their actions will be considered an act of treason with the result of revocation of citizenship and are liable for all damages caused by their corruption. If their corruption caused bodily harm, or involved theft or fraud, the corresponding criminal charges will apply as an accomplice to a crime. A random panel will decide guilt and punishment up to banishment or death.
  16. Abolition of the Federal Reserve System. The Government shall issue its own currency, be it physical and/or electronic, debt free.
    1. A national bank shall be created to provide minimal interest loans to newly married couples and small businesses (interest is set to the minimum amount to cover costs). The interest shall be used for compensation of children. The higher the average IQ of the couple, the higher the number of children they receive compensation for. Below average IQ = $25k mortgage compensation for each of the first 2 children. Above average IQ = $25k mortgage compensation for the first 4 children. Above 120 IQ = $25k mortgage compensation each for up to 10 children. (Note that 100 IQ is set at the average intelligence for the current population in calculating this IQ.) Amount of mortgage compensation is adjusted for inflation. This policy will influence the average IQ of the nation in an upward direction.
    2. Criminal disqualification – felony conviction disqualifies eligibility for any future child compensation.
  17. Confiscation of hostile owned property- any business or person found guilty of aiding in anti-european people (anti-white) activity will have all property nationalized. This includes activity from before the institution of this government.
    1. This property will then be redistributed in a randomized selection to people who 1. aided in the creation of this government. and 2. who have experience in an industry which qualifies them for management of the property. The pool to randomly select the beneficiaries of the distribution will be selected from the most qualified.
    2. If the person/persons who inherit property this way show inability to productively and profitably manage the assets, the state reserves the right to turn the property over to a public sale or random redistribution.
    3. The property will be distributed in the form of an interest free loan with a term of 30 years. Inability to repay the loan will result in redistribution of the property for the loan to a randomly selected citizen with experience in the industry who has 1. registered to be in the pool and 2. demonstrated qualification to manage the property.
  18. Provision for the old, the sick and the disabled. A system of providing for the old and the disabled shall be established. Both public and private systems will be offered for the citizens to choose from. Only citizens (or the citizen’s parents in the case of those under the age of 25, including Grandparents if the parent is under 25) with at least 25 years of residency who have paid into these systems will qualify for benefits. Management of an investment pool must demonstrate sound investment growth at a level to meet growing needs or be replaced.
    1. Costs of compensation should be adjusted based on an individual’s own contributions or detrimental actions to their own health. ie being overweight, smoking, drug or alcohol abuse. In other words, people should not cause an overburdening of the healthcare system or if they choose to, their costs should reflect the increase or they may turn to private healthcare solutions which will not burden the state.
  19. Education – all children of citizens will qualify for education through elementary and trade school levels. Higher education assistance for gifted students, as minimal interest loan with the college as final ensurer. Interest is set to the minimum which covers costs of the program. Competing systems of both public and private schools will ensure proficiency. A voucher system will allow parents to choose which school to send their children to. Foreign sponsored, degenerate or otherwise hostile indoctrination are forbidden from all school systems.
  20. Abolishment of foreign ownership of land. Non-citizens, non-citizen owned companies and corporations may only lease land, not own it outright. All foreign investment is subject to approval from the State.
    1. To ensure stability and the safety of foreign investments, confiscation or nationalization can only occur when a company or ownership of a company is proven(by randomized panel review) to have acted in criminal, hostile or otherwise subversive manner toward the State or its people (including other allied European-descended peoples).
  21. The state reserves the right of national service (draft) for all citizens in times of war. The draft is preceded by a voluntary period (length and quantity determined by a random panel of military experts) of recruitment enlistment. Then if needed a random panel can approve a draft.
  22. All media operating within the country will be citizen owned, no foreign entity or person may own media within National territory. Any media owner found to be defrauding, spreading falsehoods or working for foreign interests (financial conflict of interest) will be charged with treason and lose their citizenship upon prosecution.
  23. Non-citizens and foreign entities attempting to disseminate propaganda which undermines the Nation or its people will be banned, blocked from entry both physically and digitally and citizens will be forbidden from having business relations with the person or entity. If it is a foreign state conducting or otherwise contributing to this undermining, their diplomats will be expelled and barred from entry. A panel will then re-evaluate the reciprocity of the relationship with this country and create remedial actions each year until relations are resolved.
  24. Religious Liberty – all religions which do not incorporate practices hostile to the people of the Nation or have been proven to substantially act or have tenants which promote the undermining or hostility toward its people will be allowed. Based on historical experience this specifically outlaws Judaism and Islam.
  25. Initial government formation – the initial government will be formed by a vote of the members of the founders of the new government to form a central committee with the task of setting up the system for random panel selection, the departments and the military.
    1. Syndicates in the form of private associations can exist for different classes, sectors and interests with the purpose of proposing laws and advocating improvements. which must allow entry by any citizen who has any of the following. Unless otherwise noted, these are entry requirements, not ongoing membership requirements;
      1. Education or training in the industry of at least 1 year, and within the last year.
      2. Work experience in the industry of at least 1 year, and within the last year.
      3. Owned a business in the industry for at least 1 year, and within the last year.
      4. In the case of religious syndicates, practiced the Religion for at least 1 year, and within the last year.
      5. Practiced the art or production of the output of the class of the syndicate for at least 1 year, and within the last year.
      6. Not having committed a crime of predation. (Ongoing requirement)
      7. Syndicate leadership loses status if found guilty of violating any statute of the constitution or conviction of felony. Replacement by vote of Syndicate members using random selection from a pool of candidates. Selection and randomization must be in an open process monitored by representatives of the government.
    2. State officials and employees will be replaced via random selection from a pool of qualified candidates as selected by the panel using anonymization so that they do not know exactly who each candidate is.
    3. The President will serve terms of 10 years at which time a randomly selected panel can decide reelection or replacement with an anonymous majority vote. The President can decide at any time other than during war whether to voluntarily step down. Replacement will also be a random selection from a pool. Criminal prosecution of a felony or treason result in immediate replacement. The President’s sole power is veto of any proposed federal law.
  26. Negations and amendments which nullify any part of this Constitution and the List of Rights and Protections are forever forbidden. This is because History has shown that undermining forces will find unforeseen ways of bending and changing the law to benefit them. Additions to the constitutions which do not undermine or interfere with the original law require the following votes: 2/3 vote of random panel in addition to 2/3 vote by all male, non-felon, land-owning citizens of age 25 or higher with IQs at 100 or above. President/King has veto power.