Randviscracy: Ending the Corruption in Government Book

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Learn how current governments and societies have been subverted through corruption and how to end it forever.

This system of government, called Randviscracy, takes control back from those who bribe and blackmail politicians and puts in back in the hands of the people by removing malincentives and conflicts of interests.

Imagine a government where bribery and corruption are nearly impossible. How does Randviscracy achieve this?

Randviscracy minimizes corruption by extensive use of randomly selected panels. This ends the practice of career politicians, what I call professional bribe takers.

Chapters include:

Randviscracy – What it is and How it Works
The Process of Selection for Random Panels 7
Prevention of stalling mandate 8
Efficiency of Panel System 9
Automation of panel selection 9
Panel size 9
Panel corruption check 10
Problems with Democracy and How it has been Exploited 10
Corruption: the Achilles’ heel of all governments 10
How to destroy a Democracy 11
How are governments exploited? How can these be countered? 16
(Format: exploit/counter exploit) 16
What is a nation – why civic nationalism is destined to fail 19
What is a nation? 20
Civic Nationalism and Demographic Displacement 20
Immigration Policy of the US and the Change of American Demographics 22
What is nationalism? 32
The Nation 32
Guide for Panel Members 34
Reciprocity 34
Property-in-toto (in total) 35
Decidability 35
Operational Language (testimony) 35
What makes a good government? What is the purpose of government? 37
Protection of property, both physical and intrinsic 37
First Principals of Government: 39
How to maximize survival? 39
How to maximize prosperity? 41
Defining and Enforcing Law 42
The Carrot and the Stick. Diffusing the Powderkeg 44
A Proposed New Constitution 46
23 Foundational Points of New Constitution 46
Rights and Protections/Prohibitions 51
Immigration and Naturalization Screening 54
Preventing infiltration by hostile actors 54
Immigration Policy 55
Balanced Taxation 57
Compensation requirement 58
Option to opt-out for public services 59
Law making, Government Body Creation and War 59
State and Local Governments 60
Adding new states/countries 60
Military alliances 60
Wars against European people states – The “no brothers war” mandate 60
Protection of European peoples mandate 61
Toward a true meritocracy 62
Path Forward – Accelerant 63
How to counteract the methods of the nation wreckers 63
Exploiting their weaknesses 63
The system is fragile and is dependent upon cooperation 64
Opportunity 65

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Length: 99 pages

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