Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Randviscracy?

A system of government which will make corruption much more difficult, called Randviscracy (Rand – Randomly Selected, vis – Advisors, cracy – government). Randviscracy minimizes corruption by extensive use of semi-randomly selected panels.

How are panel members selected/appointed?

Panel member random selection is weighted by IQ and experience to ensure qualified decision makers. For example a person who ranks in the top 10% for IQ and in the bottom 10% for experience has the same probability of being selected as a person who has the inverse, top 10% of experience and bottom 10% for IQ. This will give people who have the most experience and highest IQ’s the highest probability of being selected, therefore the panels will tend to be made of the most capable of making intelligent and wise decisions.

How can I learn more about Randviscracy?

You can get a print or electronic copy of the book “Randviscracy: Ending Corruption in Government” from our store page.

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