Will artificial intelligence make Randviscracy panel members obsolete?

If the Randviscracy government system seeks panel members with the highest IQ and experience, doesn’t it follow that AI with exponentially higher IQ and the equivalent of lifetimes or millennia of simulated experience would become the ultimate panel member?

Yes, it absolutely does mean AI will eventually be superior to human panel members. The problem is the black box of the inner workings of the neural net being incomprehensible to human engineers and because of this humanity would be captured by this system, for better or worse. My thoughts are that it is inventible because the advantages are so great that some group inevitably will utilize it and they will dominate those who haven’t utilized this technology. From this supposition the options are 1. merge with it via neural link brain interfaces. 2. become its pets/slaves or just another insignificant lifeform/animal. I agree with Elon Musk’s position in that it is important to merge before the roles/control get reversed.

My suggestion for use in a Randviscratic government is to first have the AI as a tool or a set of AI tools for research, writing aid, proofreading, analysis, truth/falsehood detector. I plan on building a version of this as a prototype and releasing it here. You can support this endeavor by becoming a member or contact if you are interested in getting involved. People will be needed to classify sources of “true signals”.

The Singularity, merging with AI

No need to make plans on handing over the decision making panels to the machine at some point in the future because we will still be making the decisions but more and more augmented with machines. In other words the decision making authority won’t be handed over, it will become us and vice-versa. I know this is horrifying to many but if you look at the trajectory of technology and the advantages it would bring as I stated before it is inevitable. The idea is that it will happen eventually no matter what and the closer we are in symbiosis, the less dead weight there will be to remove. It is inevitable. Don’t think so? Imagine a chimpanzee trying to operate a PC. You get the idea. The machine will become so much more advanced that it would be dangerous for a unmodified human to operate.

Perhaps some organic, unmodified versions being planted as seed populations in the galaxy to live in a pre-merged state. Perhaps this has already happened and we are one of these seed populations.

The merge has already began through tool use, your smartphone is an AI assistant, your navigator, your memory, your communication link, your time keeper.