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Pre-employment tests and their correlation to job performance

In Randviscracy, a form of sortition, decisions are made by panels chosen by random selection. The selection is weighted by IQ and experience to select intelligent and qualified decision makers. These do not need to be the only 2 metrics of selection. In the image below are pre-employment tests and how much they correspond to job performance.

pre-employment tests

Types of tests and which are most suitable for Randviscracy panel selection

Note that IQ is the most accurate predictor of job performance among the tests.

Interviews may introduce personal bias so perhaps there could be video interviews that are then analyzed by AI for truthfulness and accuracy. Also converted to text and reviewed by independent panel members. Peer ratings are also susceptible to bias and gaming.

Work sample and job specific tests would be a good fit to test domain knowledge, especially for technical panels.

Holland personality types may be beneficial for hiring purposes but not so much for judgement panels.

Graphology is hand writing analysis. It only shows a 0.02 correlation with job performance.

I would love to hear of other tests you know of that may be useful for panel selection. Please share them in the comments.

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