Disable the Deep State Forever

Learn how governments of all forms are corrupted and a new system which blocks corruption at all levels. By learning and sharing this knowledge you will help end the practice of corrupt governments working against the interest of the people.

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Corruption is common in both democracies/republics and totalitarian governments. In both systems, politicians benefit from the corruption and therefore have little incentive to reduce it, as long as they are benefitting. What usually happens when there is a crackdown on corruption is that it is really one group going after another, while ignoring internal corruption.

Next you will learn how we can create a system which blocks the most common types of corruption from operating.

Randviscracy is a form of government which makes extensive use of randomly selected panels. The Greeks used a device called a kleroterion to randomly select council members who would then serve for a year. In Randviscracy every government decision is made by a newly formed private, randomly selected panel. This ends the phenomenon of the career politician, what I call the professional bribe taker. Because the people on the randomly selected panels(RSPs) do not have relationships with financial backers, they do not have a conflict of interest. Also because the panels are private, they do not have the motivation to make a decision based on public (mob) pressure.

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By preventing corruption we will limit:

  • incompetence of people and companies who gained position by influencing government officials rather than by production of value.
  • undermining by hostile groups
  • unfair discrimination against opponents of those who have bought government favor
  • exploitation of labor and commons
  • military industrial complex waste and wars for profit