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Politicians have devolved into little more than professional bribe takers. Corporations and special interest groups spend millions every year bribing politicians into doing THEIR bidding rather than the will of the people. They write the laws, they write their speeches, they lead them around like dogs on a leash.

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Corey Daniels created a system of government which will make corruption much more difficult, called Randviscracy (Rand – Randomly Selected, vis – Advisors, cracy – government). Randviscracy minimizes corruption by extensive use of semi-randomly selected panels. Panel member random selection is weighted by IQ and experience to ensure qualified decision makers. Each case has a unique panel, bringing an end to the era of career politicians who are flanked by the malincentives of appealing to manipulative funding on one side and appealing to and misleading the blind mob of public opinion on the other.
This book is more than just a new government system, it is an entire plan to restore Western Civilization back to the path of greatness.

What you’ll learn in this book:

  1. How current governments and societies have been subverted through corruption.
  2. The problems with democracy and how it has been exploited.
  3. How are governments exploited and how it can be countered.
  4. What is a nation and why civic nationalism is destined to fail.
  5. What makes a good government and the purpose of government.
  6. A proposed new constitution which corrects the exploited flaws of the original American constitution.
  7. How to fix immigration system and end illegal immigration.
  8. A balanced system of taxation.
  9. An improved social security and medical system.
  10. How to prevent nepotism and promote meritocracy.
  11. How to counteract the methods of the nation wreckers, including their weaknesses and how to exploit them.
  12. A path forward to creating a new system.

This system of government takes control back from those who bribe and blackmail politicians and puts in back in the hands of the people by removing malincentives and conflicts of interests.

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