Political Prostitutes and the Literal Prostitutes that Service Them

Everyone knows there is much corruption and many scandals in Washington D.C. with our politicians. But they are not the only ones into all this disreputable activity. Many lobbyists make friends with staffers of major politicians. In fact the lobbyists will often hire prostitutes to take care of these young staffers.

Both heterosexual and homosexual prostitutes are often hired by lobbyists to influence staffers of major political figures in Washington DC.

From: Lie Detector Tests for All Washington DC Government Employees

The Espstein/Maxwell court cases are revealing the method of corrupting politicians via sexual blackmail. Learn more about the powerful figures associated with this at the ANC report.  

Corruption is legal via lobbying and “political contributions”

Learn how to eliminate corruption in the book Randviscracy: Ending Corruption in Government

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