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We notice plenty of chat from upset voters about how exactly our federal government is definitely incompetent, which throws the complete “wisdom of the crowd” idea out the window and makes us reconsider democratic group-think, or committee centered solution strategy. Next, alternatively, we hear men and women say “simply no, the nationwide administration isn’t incompetent, it’s corrupt.” Well, is that it?

I agree that it is more on the corrupt side. Corruption leads to incompetence though as people end up getting positions not through merit but through nepotism. Why is corruption an ever-present problem? There are far too many conflicts of interests. To get elected, politicians need campaign funds, so they must make backroom deals with financiers to secure these funds. Usually there is an implied quid pro quo attached, meaning a return favor to be granted. This is a huge problem and the people who could address it have a malincentive to never fix it, which is why it persists.

In Randviscracy, corruption is prevented through the use of randomly selected panels. If you don’t know whom to bribe how can you corrupt this system?

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