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Canada gets the highest offshore problem rates inside the world-how a lot of your tax cash is financing this? Articles considering Canadian federal mismanagement of fees written by a fed up Canadian.

I saw an article a couple of days ago on-line listing the ‘Top 10’ political corruptions of the past 50 years; the only country that managed to top Canada was France, a nation famous for its officials ‘dipping’ into the national purse.

Setting aside the embarrassment factor, what bugs me more than anything is that my (and yours) tax money is paying for Paul Martin’s government to dish out government contracts to companies that contribute to his election campaigns, regardless of the fact they are massively overcharging (Quebec sponsorship scandal). See I have no issue paying for roads, or healthcare or schools, but I do have an issue paying for someone I elected to represent me (and my tax money) living the high life instead.

From: Government of Canada Income Tax – Are You Paying For Government Mismanagement?

Video about a Sarah Chayes’ story of corruption she witnessed in Afghanistan and 3 traits of Government corruption she found when studying corruption:

Some things she notes:

Corruption leads to retaliation cycles.

The Protestant Reformation was largely about corruption. For example they were protesting the selling of indulgences, whereby a person could pay to be forgiven of sin or pay for a dead relatives forgiveness.

Corruption is a primary factor that leads to revolutions.

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